1) Ascension Genesys Foundation hired a major gift officer with dual responsibilities for gift  cultivation at Ascension Genesys and Ascension St. Mary’s Foundations. The role at Ascension Genesys entailed a practical complete rebuilding of Foundation operations and has required nearly 100% of incumbent’s time and effort. COVID and related healthcare industry circumstances have impacted expectation and progress.
2) Ascension Michigan Foundation Central Services is seeking an associate with direct applicable knowledge in web design and development to support Ascension Michigan Ministry Foundations digital media presence, preferably with a background in philanthropy and marketing.
3) Central Foundation services is exceptionally interested in having me fill the web development role. I am exceptionally interested in continuing to build the Ascension Genesys Foundation and remaining in my position as a development officer.

Proposal: Seek a Win-Win situation

Split my job as a dual role – 40% web development for central foundation services, 60% for Ascension Genesys as the development officer.

  • Regional Role: Development duties for Ascension St. Mary’s Foundation will be temporarily suspended during term of dual role.
  • Compensation: >$110K annual salary plus standard Ascension benefits package
  • Term: Evaluation of positions and arrangement annually at turn of fiscal year. At each evaluation I retain right to shift permanently to either position, accounting for whatever arrangements are necessary to fill personnel holes and ensure continuity.
  • Location of Work: I continue to work based at Ascension Genesys Hospital, remotely as applicable, and with the expectation that I travel, mileage compensated, to ministry sites for in-person work or meetings as needed. Suitable office space at Ascension Genesys will be determined.
  • Reporting: Direct report to Karen Stiffler for Genesys fundraising/community duties; dotted report to Laura Regalado for marketing/web duties. Karen Stiffler remains my supervisor of record.
  • Org Structure: Ashley Abaloz and James Bemis (if assigned to Central Foundation Services) are reports to me in regards web development/management and design/art duties.
  • Public facing titles: I retain a public facing title as “Senior Gift Officer, Ascension Genesys Foundation” and add a public facing title of “Director of Digital Media, Ascension Michigan Foundations”. Internal/Human resources titles are determined according to organizational policy.
  • Engagement: I retain my roles and duties on the Ascension Genesys Community Health Needs Assessment Steering Committee, the Ascension Genesys Leadership group, the Ascension Genesys Community Engagement Task Force, and any other roles or duties that are related to external-relationship development.

Benefits to the Win-Win Situation:

1) Compensation Savings: According to, the salary compensation range for an experienced web developer in metro Detroit is between $66,000 and $116,103 plus non-salary benefits. By splitting my role there is only a nominal cash salary cost increase instead of the addition of another fully compensated FTE that would also require orientation and training.

2) Continuity: The major needs at Ascension Genesys have been to build a consistent and sustainable development program and a having consistent and known representative (face) and presence in the Genesee County community, which I’ve made significant progress on. If I’m removed from my position for whatever reason prior to a sustainable program being completed, my incumbent would again have to start from scratch or close there-by in building new community/donor relationships as well as Foundation operations, thus setting back desired progress. Hence, there’s no benefit for anyone to completely “hiring fresh.” A dual role preserves the progress at Ascension Genesys Foundation while satisfying the needs of Central Foundation Services, allowing for growth and adaptation with minimal risk or committment.

Terms of arrangement may remain confidential as applicable.